3Kingdoms Group is a full service entertainment company, inclusive of artist and athlete management, touring, nightclub appearances, film / TV and new ventures. Through our global network of commercial relationships within the international soccer, music, entertainment, events and media industries, we manage your rise to the highest levels in your prestigious career with expert commercial and creative management.

We also deliver unforgettable Live Events. Drawing from our world class and radically diverse network of global celebrities, athletes, and event venues, we deliver experiences that truly nobody else can provide. We also document those experiences through our content partners, who are some of the most established photographers videographers in their field on the planet.

We also help our artists and athletes to build businesses of their own. From procuring brand deals to building e-commerce stores, we help stars of sports and entertainment media accelerate from starlets to high-profile public personalities and procure lucrative and commercially creative sponsorship deals through our trusting relationships with many of the top corporations and consumer brands on the planet.

We built this business on honour and absolute trust, and that’s what we can forever promise to you.

Welcome to 3 Kingdoms Group, a new generation of sports & entertainment agency.

Download our whitepaper Football Analytics '21 about Performance Data, Youth Player Development & Injury Prevention through Predictive Analytics

The beautiful game is increasingly realising the commercial power of big data for performance analysis, predictive analytics for injury prevention, recruitment decisions, youth development analysis and so on. In the modern game, the use of data is all about finding the extra 1%, identifying the detail that can exploit even the slightest weakness in the opposition and make the difference between winning and losing. Rather than simply applying data to tactical performance, objective information is now used throughout clubs to enhance efficiency and develop processes that enable squads to be as prepared as possible from the pitch to the boardroom. Download our whitepaper on three key trends for big data in football here, including:

  • Matchday Performance Data Analysis
  • Youth Player Development and Data Analytics
  • Injury Prevention through Predictive Analytics

Includes case studies on groundbreakers Getafe, AZ Alkmaar and A.C. Milan.

3 Kingdoms Values

Global sports stars on 3 Kingdoms

3 Kingdoms Values

  • “Elite sportspeople need this kind of trust and honour from the commercial and business people around them. The guys at 3 Kingdoms are totally right and honourable in their ethos and values.”

    James Toney
    World Champion Boxer (3 divisions) IBF Middleweight World Title, IBF Super Middleweight World Title, IBF Cruiserweight World Title
  • “Knowing Steve Sharpe, Managing Director, I know this agency has expert commercial understanding, strong ethics and long-term planning to support their careers during and after football, which is exactly what players need from management agencies.”

    Dimi Konstantopoulos
    Premier League & Championship Goalkeeper; Greece & Greece U21; Middlesbrough, Cardiff City, Coventry City, Swansea City, AEK Athens
  • “The guys at 3 Kingdoms are all about player first. Making sure the needs of the player are at the forefront of any negotiations. Their connections in the industry allow for every player to achieve their goals.”

    Simon Cox
    Republic of Ireland (30 Caps, UEFA Euro 2012); Premier League and Championship Striker, West Bromwich Albion, Nottingham Forest, Reading
  • “This ethics and values-first approach at 3 Kingdoms is precisely what athletes need. Reliable, decent commercial and business people around them.”

    Dominique Blake
    Olympic Athlete (Jamaica); 400m & 4x400m, Central American and Caribbean Sports Gold Medallist; 2012 London Olympics; 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships; 2010 Commonwealth Games

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