ELLY SILVEIRA x 3 KINGDOMS at Beaufort House

At Beaufort House in Chelsea, London, we held a 3 Kingdoms’ London Fashion Show, headlined by Brazilian couture luxury designer Elly Silveira. Elly describes her work asa unique synergy between London and Sao Paolo”. The passionate Miss Silveira is one of the most coveted luxury dress designers in South America, and her designs are hot property amongst some of Brazil’s rich and famous, including music icons Simoneses, Solange Almeida and Anitta, Billboard’s 15th most influential artist in the world.

The Miss Bond Collection, which the fashion designer states reinforces her “overarching vision to empower women to feel confident and strong in every aspect of their lives,” launched via 3 Kingdoms Group in Chelsea, London, comprising sixteen luxury dresses, themed around a story of a British female spy who has grown up in Brazil. “I want women to get the elegance of London and the seduction of Sao Paolo in each dress,” explains Elly Silveira in a statement. “By providing them with chic, feminine and empowering garments that build confidence and help women achieve their goals.


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