Commercial Brand Partnerships

Brand Sponsorships

Brands are always seeking new ways to get in front of engaged and active audiences, and today more than ever the naturalness and authenticity of that engagement really counts. This has opened up a world of opportunity for corporate sponsors to partner with Artists and Athletes to create commercial advertisements to reach new and targeted consumer audiences as a cost-effective strata of earned media.

We help genuine and trusted creators connect with corporate brands, and corporate brands to find the perfect celebrities for their campaigns. We create mutually lucrative long-term relationships between suitable brands and celebrities for unique and creative storytelling.

Influencer eCommerce

Influencer marketing with its impressive ROI, targeting of key audiences and high engagement rates is a key marketing channel for eCommerce brands driving products and services at online audiences. However, as the channel has matured, so too has the business nous of many influencers who are seeking to capitalise on the opportunity fame presents with their own supply chains, rather than become the seasonal face of somebody else’s.

We help influencers and celebrities bring new products to their audiences, turn attention and engagement into an economic force, carefully planning, selecting and managing the operations behind a full service eCommerce solution. From brand identity to supply chain operations to driving sales, through our digital media specialist partner we can help you launch your own line with great success.

NFT Marketplace

The fastest-growing trend we have seen these past couple of years has been blockchain technology taking collectable trading to the next level. The creation, handling and trading of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), crypto certificates for digital and physical properties, serve as part of our Commercial Brand Partnerships division. We partner with Xanda, the 25-year established digital media powerhouse behind the new age Solace NFT platform, dubbed “the Christie’s of NFT’s“. For artists, athletes and brands, generating digitally certified collectibles is a whole new revenue stream that could end up overtaking everything else. This can be a complicated journey to get right and we come armed with some of the best crypto and brand consultants in the country to help create digital tokens around your IP, offering you imaginative digital properties to sell into a booming marketplace and a new digital token world.