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You’re a baller and you should be living a baller lifestylewhatever that may mean to you. A great and fulfilling lifestyle won’t happen by chance – money and status comes with the career, but there’s still a lot of dots that need to be connected before you are truly living the dream you want to live. We believe in lifestyle by design, and we may be the most credible people in the country for connecting you to a 360- degree dream lifestyle fit for a modern day baller. That can be anything from religious integration and charity ambassadorships through to red carpet premieres and billionaire lunches.


Our impressive relationships across hugely exciting and diverse industries allows us to develop meaningful connections across the world for you, including at the top levels of the international music scene, within the British and Hollywood movie industries, the European fashion industry, the global entertainment industry and high-net worth networks, even including royalty.

World Class Elite Network

Whether it’s with US hip hop stars, Billionaires & Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, Hollywood movie producers, Fashion icons or Royal families, our Directors are connected – such a network brings new, unforgettable and thrilling lifestyle opportunities for you. There are enormous future-proofing benefits to this for any player, as opportunities within our world class network can bring you a dream second career after-football as exciting as your first.

Red Carpet & VIP Events

Getting into the best events in the world isn’t easy. Holding relationships with shows such as Paris, Milan, New York & London Fashion Week and the Pride of Britain Awards, we can make your red carpet lifestyle into reality, in a way which doesn’t interfere with your playing career. Whether you want VIP backstage concert tickets at the O2, table in the Mayfair nightlife during the summer break or a private venue for the hottest birthday party in town, through our network, we can make it all happen.

Religious Integration & Support

Religious sports stars often face a tough task balancing their faith and their job, from Christians observing the Sabbath on Sundays, to Muslims contending with both fasting and competing in the holy month of Ramadan, to Jews facing a dilemma when games take place on holy days like Yom Kippur.

We can help protect religious players contractually and tackle the conversations with the clubs that the player might find difficult to have, to protect his or her religious freedoms and avoid complexities or conflicts arising throughout the season.

Charity Ambassadorships

Where a player is passionate about a particular cause, we can support them through our strong network of charities and community projects to become ambassadors and representatives. This has the added benefit of building publicity for the player and the charity simultaneously.

Partnership with Brixton Soup Kitchen

Through our close relationship with the founders of the renowned Brixton Soup Kitchen, we encourage our players to engage once a year in a Voluntary Programme to give back to the community.

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