Live Events & Bookings

Exclusive Live Events

3 Kingdoms has grown famous for its celebrity-packed exclusive parties in London.

Being part of a 3 Kingdoms events means being part of a community of opportunity. We create exclusive top tier events with the goal that everyone who attends achieves a new, path altering opportunity from the night. From mainstream Artists and Producers running back to the studio in the early hours to create music, to castings for a new TV series happening on the spot, to best friends and relationships beginning – we have seen many lives changed, sometimes extraordinarily, at 3 Kingdoms’ events.

Whether it is a luxury couture London Fashion Show, a WE THE BEST Music Group party, or our Champagne and Puppies Evenings, 3 Kingdoms offers truly the most unique experiences London has to offer.

Bookings for US Artists and International DJs

3 Kingdoms is a premiere talent booking agency whose services start in London and span across the United Kingdom. Working with mostly US hip hop talent and international DJs, 3 Kingdoms has an unrivalled network of US talent including many of the biggest artists in the world, bringing outstanding live experiences to audiences via appearances and performances at night venues, festivals and stadiums.

Our content marketing is delivered by celebrity photographer Demetrius Behind The Lens.

Demetrius Martinez, better known by Demetrius Behind The Lens, is one of the United Kingdoms foremost celebrity photographers. Brooklyn-born Demetrius has been creating content for the likes of DJ Khaled, Vin Diesel, Steve Buscemi, Sharon Carpenter, Tyga, Fat Joe, LL Cool J and more for the past 14 years, most prominently within the hip hop and entertainment industries. He is the creative producer behind music videos for the likes of rappers Vado, Ron Browz and Grafh, and he has worked in fashion at Ted Baker and New York Fashion Week. Moving to London from New York, we are lucky to have a special partnership built on trust and a rich history together. 

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