Player Representation

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Elite Level Commercial Maximisation

It is critically important to financially maximise your contracts during your playing career to give you long-term stability for your family and your future. Maximising your earning potential will allow you not only more financial freedom, but also an opportunity to better budget and save for big life purchases such as a home, saving for your children’s education, or keeping money safe in an emergency fund.

The players who best achieve this understand that it is not just a case of performing well on the pitch but also surrounding themselves with elite commercial professionals who can protect their interests off-the-field. Performances on the field are not always enough, you also need expert commercial professionals to articulate, prove and argue your value with your employer.

Our promise to you is that we will always proactively manage the commercial aspect of your career with your best interests held firm. Our team are heavily experienced with a first class track record of executing multimillion pound commercial contracts. When emotions are running high, we give you the commercial nous, financial protection and stoic endeavour you need to execute a skilful and assertive negotiation propelling you to achieve the professional club contract of your dreams. 

It is important to have a high degree of trust in anybody looking after your financial wellbeing, so we partner with best of breed Wealth Management and Accountancy companies, Octopus Wealth and Global Tax Network UK, to ensure you have the safest pairs of hands possible guiding you on your commercial position throughout the lifecycle of your representation contract.

For us, our players are our family, and will forever come with our deeply held and concrete principles of complete honour and absolute trust with you.

World Class Brand Development

Honestly, if I was a young talented soccer player I’d be knocking at the door of 3 Kingdoms to take me on my career journey literally every day until it happens. Having success as an artist, and being able to work with many of the biggest music artists in the world, I’m very aware of what makes a good business team, and what capabilities are required to build brands, and land dream contracts. The ethics are hot, the values are hot, the skills are hot, this is an elite team that operates at a global standard of professionalism and competence for superstars of sport.


James Worthy
President of International Sports at 3 Kingdoms Group, 3x Grammy Award nominee, Billboard Charting Artist

Brand Development & Image Rights

A well branded athlete can outlive his or her playing days. A developed personal brand clearly defines who you are, the way you play and how you present your public face to the world. In return, creating a brand helps you attract the clubs, fans and commercial relationships you want to serve, gain their trust, and keep them coming back for more. In rare cases, branding can even be rewarded with love, devotion, and a quasireligious zeal, just ask Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning or David Beckham. But good branding is a subtle artform that many cannot master, and it is about more than surface good looks. It goes right to the heart of everything you do.

We’re fortunate to have one of the best connected and most experienced brand development teams of any agency in the country. From controlled publicity channels, to media handling to social media activations, we help players accelerate from athletes to high-profile sports personalities. With brand established, there is a growing world of commercial opportunity in players’ image rights, which can only be maximised if brand relationships are strategically developed and deals are intelligently structured. We believe that cultivating the personal brand of a player is not solely about the economics behind individual sponsorship contracts; but it is about building a strategic and long-term brand around the player which is congruent to an athletes real identity and lasts beyond his or her professional playing career. 

We will help you to exploit the IP that you have built up with your personal fanbase, procuring lucrative and commercially creative sponsorship deals via our trusting relationships with major sports brands as well as many of the top corporations and consumer brands on the planet – bringing you a world of financial opportunity whilst strategically strengthening your global image.

We also provide our expertise consultancy to brands, clubs and rights-holders, advising on commercial opportunities such as partner rights, sponsorship and player image rights.

Expert Analytics And Insights

Over the past two decades, the influence of data analytics has been growing in every aspect of our lives: in businesses of every kind, but also in healthcare, media and sports. Until a few years ago, football was thought to be immune from this trend. Now, the early adopters in the major football leagues are thriving thanks to the competitive advantage that investments in data analytics are beginning to provide them. The players and agents that aren’t planning to jump on the analytics bandwagon run the risk of being left behind, which is exactly why we’ve invested heavily in this area and proactively sought to bring world class expertise to the table.


Tansel Adacan
President of Data & Operations at 3 Kingdoms Group, Henry Stewart Published Digital Asset Management Author, Global Data Analytics Conference Speaker

Performance Data, Analytics & Insights

We’re experts in data. In football, data is the buzzword of the day. But data only offers a competitive edge when it is intelligently interpreted. For example, if football players and clubs are flooded with huge streams of numbers, but lack the internal know-how to interpret them and extract actionable information, data becomes almost pointless. It’s like giving all the prices, ratios and indicators on stocks, currencies and commodities to a person who doesn’t know about financial markets: the data itself doesn’t make that person an infallible trader.

A player’s performance is intrinsically linked to how they fit the team’s playing style and their chemistry with other players. Yet, despite being awash with data and statistics, recruitment and player development decisions are largely based on subjective judgements of performance and value.

Uniquely coming from a background of digital and big data, having provided elite level data analytics and insights over long-term contracts for some of the world’s largest conglomerates and multinationals including HSBC, Santander, Abbott Laboratories, we have a team of experts from across the technology and sports industries, including specialists in artificial intelligence, renowned pioneers in sports performance analysis and innovative business leaders. All with a shared vision of disrupting the data-drenched football analytics market, providing greater assurances for key decision makers, mitigating financial risk and reducing the reliance on subjective judgements.

We will help to steer negotiations through powerful data-backed dialogues, presenting your statistics and comparing to players of equivalent value on the global marketplace to maximise your financial opportunity.