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International Tax Residency & Planning

For permanent moves to or from the UK, we provide a full analysis of tax residence in early planning stages. In certain locations, an individual may move to a new country part way through the tax year (for example at the start of a new season), but may become tax resident and obliged to pay taxes for the entire year. It is therefore important to consider the best time to arrive in a certain country and the appropriate dates for the signature of new contracts and the signature of termination contracts.

Accountancy Services & Bookkeeping

We can assist with the preparation of your UK tax return and offer a comprehensive service backed by professionally qualified consultants with significant experience in UK and international tax matters. Working with existing advisers or our GTN partner firms, we can review the tax reporting requirements of UK and overseas income, investments, image rights payments and application of double tax treaties to ensure the right tax filings and payments are being made to the correct jurisdiction.

Wealth & Investment Management

We can assist clients with international investment, wealth management and pension strategies in association with our partner firms. We are also able to advise on tax mitigation planning to fit with your long term goals, values and risk strategies. Through our partner GTN UK, this service is provided in conjunction with our global tax planning and compliance services and ensures that all clients optimise their tax situation whilst remaining fully in line with domestic and international legislation.

HMRC Investigations & Compliance

We have significant experience in handling tax investigations from HMRC including Employer Compliance Reviews for clubs and enquiries into Self Assessment tax matters for individuals. Our team can review new and ongoing tax audits and provide pre-audit health checks to minimise risk of potential fines for non compliance.

Image Rights Management & Payments

The days of establishing offshore entities for assignment of those rights for non domiciled individuals has been challenged by HMRC in the UK and further limited by the Economic Substance rules. We can provide a review of such structures and confirm the taxation rules on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

International Scouts Taxation

Many football clubs are unaware of the complex legal and compliance requirements when hiring international scouts. Through our expert partner GTN UK we have specialist experience in this area, and are assisting a number of Premier League football clubs with all global tax, legal and social security requirements.

Expatriate Concessions Advice

Our clients often have significant investments in other assets and can benefit from expatriate concessions, such as the UK “non domicile” status. Through the GTN network, we can provide legal and tax advice for such investments and deal with the accounting and tax returns of any investment companies. 

Career Ending Injury Insurances

Career Ending Insurance is a a policy which compensates you in the event of an accident, injury or illness, depending on the cover, that prevents you from continuing your sporting career, which we can help you acquire. There are various policies for this insurance with different payment schemes.

Retirement & Pension Planning

It is critically important to plan for retirement, since many professional sports persons may end their career at a younger age than most. We provide planning options, both within and outside of the UK and can assist with pension, estate planning and drafting of wills via our legal partners. 

We provide our services in partnership with 20 years' established International Tax firm Global Tax Network UK

I contacted local accountants, but after the assessment of my tax situation they admit that have no experience with such special cases and they could not offer me any further service. Finally I found Global Tax Network who instantly took over and got me my tax refunds.

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